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BoardEx Global Gender Balance Report 2021
The Biggest Leadership Appointments of 2020
Published by: BoardEx
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View the Diversity of a Company’s Board and Leadership Team

Published by: BoardEx
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BoardEx has combined data from across the platform to provide an enhanced view of a company’s board and leadership team. These enhancements include a new leadership team view, and diversity indicators: gender color accents, age, nationality and links to diversity for individuals on the board and leadership team for a company.


Leadership Team View

You can now move between the Board and Leadership Team view for a company in BoardEx. The leadership team includes all executive directors and team members as identified in the platform. The company board is the default view and shows executive and non-executive directors. Both views are available to download.

Highlighting the Diversity of the Board and Leadership Team

Across the board and leadership team views, gold and blue accents highlight the gender of each member. Women are highlighted with a gold accent and men with a blue accent.

Age, Nationality, and Diversity Links

The visuals are also enriched with age, nationality information and links to diversity.

This brings our diversity data on companies based on publicly available information to the fore.