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Building the Female Leadership Pipeline
A Breakdown of Gender Diversity by Region
Published by: Altrata Customer Success
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Deeper insight into deal flow

Published by: Altrata Customer Success
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One of the big four Accountancy firm leverages Altrata to find warm connections and gather key organizational insight 

The Firm’s PE value and portfolio creation team was like a startup that was assembled to provide deep sector knowledge and functional expertise around deals to its businesses across the globe, primarily in Europe.

This team was interested in understanding PE firms and their portfolio company investments. In addition, uncovering relationship paths from the firm’s colleagues to key individuals was one of the main objectives.

The team regularly leverages BoardEx’s PE and PortfolioCo profiles of key C-Suite and board members with Top Connections, Auditors and other Disclosed Advisors are also displayed.

The Industry News articles help the team stay up-to-date on individuals and organizational activities that may involve transactions.

This information paired with Alerts on role changes at Private Equity (PE) firms and their investments along with Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) data, equips the team with key insights to help expand this business and deliver more post-deal services.

BoardEx is our first go to. It provides us a window to get insight into dealsand is a great conversation starter. Time and time again it has been worth it.

Business Development Manager
PE Value and Portfolio Creation, big four Accountancy firm

Since using Altrata’s Board Insights and Mapping tool, BoardEx, the value creation team has been able to fully leverage its team’s combined relationships and those of their wider colleagues. In the early stages of using BoardEx, it became obvious the value this platform would bring to the team because of its accuracy and reliability.

While there were several large cap deals in-process under high pressure, the team was quickly able to leverage the BoardEx platform to find warm connections and gather organizational insights, which the team found very intuitive and easy to use.

Understanding investments of tracked PE firms and their portfolio companies played a pivotal role for the team to gain key insights.

BoardEx easily integrates with other tools utilized by the firm to provide a complete picture of individuals, organizations and deals being researched. However, BoardEx is the team’s first preference because it’s the only platform that provides relationship details on individuals that are directly connected to the colleagues at the firm.

  • Client: Global Accountancy Firm
  • Region: Europe
  • Altrata product: BoardEx