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Find quick answers to the most frequently asked questions about Boardroom Insiders.

Based only on publicly available data, BoardEx is a business relationship mapping and executive insight platform for private and public organizations. We help you discover, with ways to reach, valuable and influential connections from an ecosystem of global business leaders and decision-makers critical to your success. Continuous updates on board members, C-suite executives, senior leaders and professional advisors provide access to relevant and timely information to enable you to act with impact.

Relationship Capital is the sum of an organization’s connectivity to the marketplace, both directly and indirectly.

The process by which you identify, evaluate, and employ your relationship capital is referred to as Relationship Capital Management (RCM). Advanced RCM tools provided by BoardEx go well beyond a contact management view of relationship capital and provide transparency into how seemingly unrelated individuals in the market are connected – both to your targets and to your coverage executives.

With this unique knowledge, you can use your total relationship capital to impact business initiatives and build long term relationship franchise value.

More than 20 years of building on information on board members and senior executives from companies and organizations provide access to breadth and depth of data in our platform. BoardEx currently analyzes and tracks the profiles of more than 2.2 million public, private and not-for-profit organizations and the 1.7 million people who work for them, globally. Our people coverage includes current and future leaders. The platform is constantly growing – on average, our 350+ human researchers add 2,500 profiles and make 27,000 updates weekly.

More than 350 global companies and organizations within the banking, legal and professional services, executive search, asset and wealth management, private equity, academic and not-for-profit sectors use BoardEx.


BoardEx enables you to access, monitor, review and assess the value of relationships within the entire universe of BoardEx or tailored to your organization’s network or relationship capital. We help you manage this capital with insight, analytics and reporting to inform your business, organizational and talent strategies. Up-to-date information supports your decisions for long-term growth and sustainability and empowers your teams to focus on the areas, which will have the greatest impact. While the technology powering the platform offers customization with flexible deployment and integration options to suit your business and technology needs.

BoardEx is trusted by market-leading clients operating in Financial Services, Executive Search, Professional Services, Legal, Academic, Not for Profit and Private Equity.

Stay ahead of the competition
Research individuals, assess the leadership team and advisors connected to a deal, transaction, pitch or bid as part of your due diligence and corporate governance processes

Generate revenue and returns for stakeholders including investors and shareholders Go beyond your client relationship management system to launch business development, sales and marketing initiatives to build a robust sales funnel by targeting the most actionable audience

Put in place the right leadership and advisory team to support your organization’s strategy
Research, source, place or manage executive talent for your client, in your organization or portfolio of companies

Ideate, develop and take to market new products and services
Connect with leaders of companies to collaborate or partner on innovations to improve customer experience

Empower research and not-for-profit causes
Discover donors who can support fundraising efforts and relevant research populations for thought leadership, studies on leadership, executive behavior, management and other themes.

BoardEx provides access to the most comprehensive, continuously growing database of C-suite, board members, influencers and decision makers, globally.


The people intelligence we provide includes a professional biography of current, past and any future positions, committee roles and corporate activities such as M&A transactions. In addition to education and achievements, the executive’s age and gender, the insight covers their network, showing their overlaps to other individuals in BoardEx.


Additional layers of company data enable further segmentation to discover connections in specific sectors, locations or view the board of a company, for example.

We have been collecting data from publicly available sources since 1999. This underpins the quality and reliability of the data in the BoardEx platform and our associated relationship capital management products. We only accept data, which are within the limits of disclosure and meet the BoardEx standards of quality.


We obtain data from a variety of public sources including regulatory filings, annual reports, proxy statements, company websites, press, and regulatory news wires. We also track and use stock exchange and national/state registries.

We use a range of technologies to collect data, which our skilled and experienced analysts check before deciding to include it in the platform. Our 350+ analysts are the stars of the BoardEx team. They have detailed and extensive training which covers the mandatory sources for use in the research process. More experienced quality assurance analysts verify all new data entry, checking that they are from reliable sources and reflected accurately on BoardEx.

Our team of 350+ analysts researches, verifies and maintains millions of company and director profiles daily. They update data within 24 hours from point of disclosure. Change detection technology alerts the team to management changes on company websites.

Our analysts apply a stringent quality assurance process when creating and updating the data in BoardEx. They only track and monitor publicly available information on board and senior level executives from numerous reputable sources. Checks include the accuracy, timeliness and relevance of the data to the individual as well as meeting the BoardEx standards of quality.

BoardEx is committed to protecting, processing and maintaining personal data in accordance with applicable data and privacy laws such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We have worked diligently to bring our offerings in line with the relevant requirements of the GDPR, closely following the advice and recommendations received from our UK-based privacy counsel.


BoardEx does collect and process PII (Personally Identifiable Information) on people including EU citizens and residents. This means BoardEx is subject to GDPR. PII is any information that identifies an individual so this could include names, address or even company and job title.


In order to process this information, we need a lawful basis. BoardEx’s Lawful Basis is Legitimate Interest (read more) which means we need the information in order to provide our Services and we have conducted a Legitimate Interest Assessment (LIA) with outside counsel to determine that our use of this data does not infringe on data subjects rights.  Using this lawful basis means there is an additional duty of care on BoardEx to ensure this data is used, stored and processed in the correct way and BoardEx has implemented a number of technical and organizational measures to ensure this.

Track and analyze people movements with alerts, real-time analysis, customized reports and data feeds.


Set up alerts to receive role change notifications on senior executives at clients, competitors or key organizations, in sectors and market indexes, daily or weekly with the BoardEx Alerts Service. Run your own analysis in real-time with Advanced Search. Our customized reports and data feeds provide information tailored to the needs and requirements of your business or organization.

Access the data in BoardEx 24 hours, 7 days a week across a range of devices and user interfaces. This includes mobile, tablet, desktop, and partner applications such as the Salesforce CRM app. Download the free mobile app from Google Play or the Apple App Store.

Tailor the platform to your business needs with flexible deployment and integration options including secure hosting, cloud-based portal, APIs and CRM + Salesforce Apps, and integrated data services. A member of our team will work with you to determine the best option for your workflow.

BoardEx has an open architecture for easy integration into most CRM systems. Well-established processes are in place to reflect the relationships in your CRM system with BoardEx.

BoardEx is a part of Altrata.  Altrata is a registered trademark of Delinian Limited and its affiliated companies, and is comprised of five dynamic offerings: BoardExBoardroom InsidersRelSciWealthEngine, and Wealth-X.

The CrunchBase for Salesforce app works with the Enterprise, Unlimited, Developer, and Performance editions of Salesforce. It also works in both Classic and Lightning modes.

BoardEx is an enterprise solution and the exact cost is determined by a number of factors including (but not limited to) the products that are chosen, the size of your organization, how you intend to access our data, and the term of the license.