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BoardEx is a global technology solution that connects clients to global business leaders and decision makers from an ecosystem of public, private and nonprofit organizations to identify new strategic relationships.

Our proprietary relationship mapping algorithm refines over 20 years powers the relationship intelligence and helps our clients identify, monitor and evaluate their strategic relationships to drive long term value for their clients.

Advanced search capabilities
Find executives by role, employment, education, or diversity using 20+ powerful filters.
Database of 1.7 million executives
Every week BoardEx adds 2,500 new profiles and applies 27,000 updates to existing profiles.
Relationship mapping
Identify common connections across groups of executives or target accounts. See how your peers, competitors, and clients connect to the market.
Actionable intelligence
Collect intelligence to support sales, marketing, and business strategies.
Detailed executive profiles

Detailed executive profiles

Close more deals

  • Profiles include current, past and any future positions, committee roles and corporate activities such as M&A transactions. We also include education and achievements, the executive’s age and gender, and additional insight on their professional network
  • Profiles map out each executive’s leadership network and reveal the best way to connect with them


The human element

  • Executive intelligence gathered by a global team of 350+ researchers
  • Team of data directors constantly audit system to deliver superior accuracy
  • No web scraping or data mining bots used to create a profile
A truly advanced search

A truly advanced search

Find who you are looking for

  • Easy searching, connections, and employment hierarchy help you understand an organization and find the right person to contact
  • Find executives by role, company, education, committee experience, achievements, and diversity
  • 20+ filters available, including tenure at an organization, board, or role


Dive into diversity

  • The BoardEx Diversity Network is a network that aims to highlight champions, allies, and advocates of specific ethnicities in leadership roles
  • Search more than 17,000 executives with memberships across more than 2,600 ethnicity associations
Tailor BoardEx to your workflow

Tailor BoardEx to your workflow

Customizable intelligence

  • Custom profiles and research are available on request
  • Request inclusion of an executive not yet in our database and receive a status report within 1 business day


Customizable delivery

  • Save search results and criteria for future reference
  • View updates on your dashboard as soon as they are made
  • Receive emails about the changes to important accounts
Unparalleled relationship mapping

Unparalleled relationship mapping

Data visualization

  • Identify common connections across people or accounts through common employers, alma maters, and alumni
  • View relative strengths of each connection and find the strongest connection path
  • Visualize relationships to understand how executives know each other


Easily embed in existing workflows

Improve your business workflow by importing and matching your external contacts with their profile in BoardEx to:

  • View up-to-date profiles for your contacts
  • Set alerts to track executive changes to develop strong relationships
  • Share contacts with colleagues and teams to increase transparency of information and collaboration
  • Expand and amplify the reach of your organization’s network

Find out how your organization can benefit from contact matching.

Actionable intelligence

Actionable intelligence

Harness the power of our proprietary algorithm

  • Gather insight across people and organizations
  •  Analyze what brings your connections together


Export your search results

  • Create as many lists, projects, and reports as you like
  • Export your search results to CSV
27 K
Weekly profile updates
2.5 K
New profiles weekly
BoardEx coverage and accuracy is far superior than other solutions we were looking at.
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