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Female CEOs Improve Gender Balance on Boards
BoardEx Global Gender Balance Report 2021
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Driving Positive Change in Organizational Diversity: Introducing The BoardEx Diversity Network

Published by: BoardEx
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BoardEx, the leading people intelligence and relationship mapping solution, announces a new layer of insight to their database of more than 2 million global organizations and the 1.5 million people that lead them: The BoardEx Diversity Network.

BoardEx has empowered organizations to identify connections, leadership talent and trends for more than 20 years. The latest evolution of the product introduces The BoardEx Diversity Network, which brings an added layer of intelligence to the profiles of board members, C-suite leaders, and senior managers across 2 million public and private organizations. This intelligence will help clients both to find talent from minority ethnic backgrounds and, we believe, drive positive change in business.

The BoardEx Diversity Network comprises multiple networks of associations that represent a specific ethnicity – referred to as ethnicity association networks. These networks consist of people who are members of association(s) that represent that ethnicity. It also contains people who have received awards from organizations recognizing their contribution to ethnic diversity in business.

“Our clients are seeking ways to help their own clients improve ethnic and other forms of diversity within their own organizations and report on their progress with this change” says Cameron Ireland, CEO of BoardEx. “The new network helps you connect with members of over 2,600 ethnicity associations that actively champion ethnic diversity. It also surfaces people who have received awards recognizing their contribution to ethnic diversity in business from publicly available information.”

In 2018, McKinsey released a study that found that organizations in the top-quartile for hiring diverse talent are 33% more likely to financially outperform competitors that hire less diverse talent.

The push to represent wider society in business in the last few years had organizations working towards achieving gender balance across their boards and leadership teams. Now, recent socio-political events are shining a powerful light on ethnic and racial diversity and the need for business to be representative of wider society. With the BoardEx Diversity Network, we are throwing our weight behind greater minority opportunity and better balance in business.

BoardEx is uniquely positioned to deliver unparalleled data quality that creates transparency in the market, allows our clients to quickly surface trends in diversity within boards and leadership teams and highlights more diverse talent than ever before. It allows users to tap into a growing network of more than 17,000 diverse, board-ready leaders and their allies instantly.

In addition to the creation of the new network, BoardEx will be working with clients and partners to achieve three critical things:

  1. Champion the efforts of diversity associations to help raise awareness for groups who are historically underrepresented.
  2. Enhance the ability of companies to discover and connect with talented leaders of different ethnic, racial and functional backgrounds to build leadership teams, C-suites and boards that reflect their customers and wider society.
  3. Empower professionals to analyze diversity trends within workplaces in order to create transparency and accountability around different diversity attributes.
    BoardEx is an extensible solution that adapts to the market and reflects the changing needs of our clients. This is evident through the way we have evolved our data collection strategy to address a market imperative to increase representation of society in business.

The BoardEx Diversity Network is available for all clients starting today. Learn more here.

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